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26 Jun
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Kelly Bhadie The TikTok Influencer

Kelly Bhadie

She has captured many hearts on TikTok with her beautiful dance moves. But audiences love her outrageous head bows as much as her twerks.

Not everyone could be a gifted dancer or powerhouse performer. Succeeding on TikTok is no fluke. A well-etched strategy and engaging content are what you need to outshine talented fellow TikTokers. This is what Kelly has managed to do successfully.

She is now one of the cutest stars of TikTok. Many people follow her on TikTok and like her videos. And not only that, whenever he uploads any video, his videos get likes and shares in the millions, due to which he has become very famous on TikTok.

Who is Kelly Bhadie?

She is a Togolese-American national who captured many hearts on TikTok with her beautiful dance moves.
On May 23, she shared a video of herself dancing with Nike shoes in the background displayed on the wall to an instrumental remix of Mac Miller’s song J’s on My Feet, produced by Miller.

What Does Kelly Bhadie Like?

She Loves Dancing and Hot cars. She was recently seen in a BWM i8.Kelly Bhadie in BMW i8


Kelly is one of the most authentic influencers by followers and engagement rates and has authentic engagements with her followers as a Tiktok celebrity. She lives in the United States in Nebraska with her parents. Kelly is in her early 20s of age. She went viral on TikTok with a video showing her twisting, shaking, and whining waist, both gracefully moving her body to rhythms of song beats.

Her followers on TikTok increased from 500k on TikTok to more than 1M just in June

On observation, she is popular for his lip-syncs, dancing, and humor videos.

1. She Consistently Posts High-Quality Content

Kelly’s dance posts tutorials are high-quality dance content, not low-quality. Like most social media platforms, posting content consistently is key to getting more followers on TikTok.

Like most social media platforms, posting content consistently is key to getting more followers on TikTok.

Most famous TikTokers stick to a particular niche that resonates with their profession or personal brand. In all her videos her favorite brand of Nike Shoes is displayed on the wall behind her.

2. Kelly Bhadie Thinks Outside the Box

She is creative and she stands out in her videos on TikTok. Some of her dance moves are invented by her. She does not post exactly what everyone else is posting. She brings new dance moves, a niche idea into the equation.

It’s good to be unique and creative, but if you’re looking to get more followers, you should jump on trends.
Identify rising trends and make some content

4. She Embraces Who she is

Getting on TikTok to be famous, your content shouldn’t be all about what everyone thinks is cute or funny. It should be real and genuine.

If you want to be deep on Tiktok, don’t be afraid of sharing your opinions and points of view, even if they’re not popular opinions. Some people will agree with you or at least respect your courage for going against the grain. There may be others who may not like you.

As in her case, there were cases of falsely reporting her as under-aged, also many videos were popping up on social media questioning why she was popular, or even if she was really pretty.

Unhinged by all the drama, Kelly continues to do what she does best on TikTok. Provide excellent dance moves.

Kelly Bhadie’s Social Media Profiles

Kelly TikTok : Social Media Handles: Bhadie Kelly TikTokHer TikTok handle is @bhadie.kellyy Kelly TikTok Instagram: Her Instagram handles is @slayy.kellyyKelly TikTok

Fake News About Her Leaked Tape

In the meantime, there are online rumors that your favorite Tiktoker’s private video has been leaked, which is obviously fake news of someone looking to dent her credibility and image online.

To Succeed on TikTok You’ll need to unleash your wildest, wackiest side while cooking up TikTok content. Challenges, skits, gymnastic feats, comic performances, makeup & fashion, and magic and illusion are some of the genres that can get traction.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to do the Kelly Bhadie famous dance steps.

  1. Step 1

    Okay, you’re just standing there in front of the mirror with some song playing. Now try moving your arms back and forth to the beat slightly, while keeping your legs ramrod straight. 

  2. Step 2

    So rotate your torso a bit in time with your knee movements, a little like you’re skiing. Keep your torso fairly loose and relaxed. Don’t just limply swing your arms, get your shoulders into it

  3. Step 3

    Find a combination that looks good and do it for a while, then switch to another one.


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