Berla Mundi recently explained why she left EIB for TV3. She wanted to host a new show but was denied permission, which made her feel tired of the same old routine. Eventually, she found her workplace environment toxic, with colleagues saying hurtful things about her behind her back. This made her feel depressed and lose motivation to go to work.Despite her efforts to introduce fresh ideas,

Berla Mundi faced resistance when she sought to launch a new show. Feeling stifled by the lack of support, she found herself drained by the negative atmosphere at work. The hurtful comments from colleagues only added to her distress, leading to a loss of passion for her job.

Berla Mundi kept trying to make things better, but not being able to start her new show made her really sad. The bad vibes at work made her feel even worse. Dealing with all the negativity from her coworkers made her feel like she didn’t want to work there anymore.