This NexiGo Charging Dock is designed to charge two Dualsense controllers at the same time.

The DualSense Charging Station charges two PS5 controllers simultaneously, powered directly from the PS5 Disk/Digital console via 1 of the included PS5 charging cables.

It matches the aesthetic of a Ps5. It has a matching LED that lights up the same color the controller does while charging With a 5.3V/3A power adapter. On charging speed, the PS5 DualSense controllers can be fully charged in under 3 hours.

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The Nexigo Dualsense charging dock is a great alternative to the official Sony brand dock.
Recently buyers have been complaining about not being able to find the original Sony-branded device. This product is a good choice when looking at other alternatives. Most of all it is readily available for consumers to purchase.

NexiGo PS5 Controller Charger vs Sony’s DualSense Charging Station by Playstation

Looking at the differences, the original Charging Station by Playstation Sony is so big and clunky with so many different wires. Compared the it the NexiGo PS5 charging station is sleek and slim. It also charges faster and comes with a matching glow for the controller and PS5.

NexiGo DualSense Charging Station Features
A. Overall Design

the white and black tones match the controller well.

NexiGo Charging Dock has a quality build that doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. The overcharge protection inside the dock functions as it should and is also vented well. The bottom of the dock is lined with rubber so it is completely stable.

NexiGo DualSense Charging Station For PlayStation 5 is almost perfectly right.

The controllers fit almost perfectly on the unit, you don’t have to place a special attachment to the USB-c port to make it fit, nor do you have to install the controller upside down and try to get it to slide perfectly into the adapter.
The charger has a firm flat base and a groove that the controller sits down in. This offers sturdy protection from making the controller come out. It glows orange when the controller is charging and glows black when it’s done charging.

B. Intelligent Protection

This PlayStation 5 charging station has a smart chip that increases voltage whilst maintaining all-around protection for your ps5 remotes.

The built-in intelligent chip provides intelligent overload protection, protects your controllers from over-charging, over-voltage, overheat, and short-circuit.

C. Enhance Gaming Experience

With NexiGo Accessories Kit, the PS5 controller provides better control, which reduces hand and thumb fatigue. Makes the PS5 controller more comfortable and sensitive, increases precision and aim. You can actually feel a good difference with this accessories kit for the PS5 DualSense controller.

D. Reliable Protection

Protect the analog sticks from wear and tear. Meanwhile, enhances the grip and reduces slip, requires less force which reduces wrist and thumb fatigue.

E. Easy to Install

The charging dock is easy to insert the controllers into, stable and keep connection well, also a convenient storing spot for the controllers.

F. Replaceable Accessories

Comes with a set of covers for your joysticks, which makes it easier to use the PS5 controller.

Pros and Cons


1.No external attachments to the controller needed

  1. Easy to place the controllers, easy to remove, and it glows while charging.
  2. 3. With 5.3V/3A power adapter, the PS5 DualSense controllers can be fully charged in under 3 hours. Save your time.
  3. LED lights on the top and the bottom will flash when the controller is charging, the orange light shows that charging is in progress and the light will be turned off automatically when the controller is fully charged.


  1. One of the joystick “covers” sits up so high it is unusable. It charges okay, but it could fit into the charging position by clicking in more firmly
  2. It is a bit difficult to align the controlled port with the charger port.

Overall, the NexiGo DualSense Charging Station For PlayStation 5 is a great product and a cheaper alternative to the Playstation branded charging Station. It has a stable base and the controller clicks in and charges easily.

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