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02 Jun

Vibrant Start of LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Normally The start of June marks the beginning of Pride Month around the United States and some parts of the world. Of particular significance, this is a season intended to celebrate the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ communities in an invigorating period of celebration, unity, and affirmation.

June, ia marked in the calendar year, has been an important month for the LGBTQ+ rights movement since New York City’s first Pride march. This was — then dubbed the “Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day” march — on June 28, 1970.

It is also to protest against attacks on hard-won civil rights gains.

Pride was born out of protests, a powerful cry for equal rights and dignity.

Embracing the Rainbow: The Significance of Pride Month

Each hue of the Pride flag represents a value within the community. Red symbolizes life, orange denotes healing, yellow represents sunlight, green stands for nature, blue signifies serenity, and violet reflects spirit.

Progress of Pride Month

Significant gains have been won in advancing LGBTQI rights in many parts of the world, including the decriminalization of same-sex relationships in several countries.

In recent months, from Angola to Singapore to Barbados.

Pride Month parades are hosted worldwide. From San Francisco to Sydney, from Amsterdam to Tokyo, these parades spotlight the strength of the LGBTQ+ community and its resilience.

Even though a lot of progress has been made, discrimination, violence, and stigma against LGBTQI people persist in many parts of the world, limiting access to essential services, including HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support.

Pride Month Parties: Celebrating Love and Acceptance

Pride Month is as much a celebration as it is a protest. Parties are at the heart of this, turning cities around the world into hubs of acceptance and love.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, added his congratulations in a festive tweet. He called on the whole international community to appreciate the richness and diversity of the LGBTIQ+ community. The commissioner laid emphasis on the “and honor their immense contributions to the human rights movement.”

Pride events are happening globally as well, drawing major crowds in places including Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Madrid, and Toronto.


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