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Valentine’s Day in Ghana

Valentine’s day is celebrated by thousands of Ghanaians each year. With the date approaching again, we have combined the best gifts to present to your loved one on valentines day in Ghana.


Great Gifts On Sale in Ghana

a. Flowers

b. Chocolates

c. Gift Baskets

d. Teddy Bears


Valentine’s Week Days List 2022: February, the month of love and romance carries with it a lot of anticipation and promises. It is not only about looking forward to spending time with loved ones but is also the perfect time to plan the perfect date, pop the question to your beloved, or express your feelings to your closest friends.

From an assorted gift box of gourmet chocolate truffles to chocolate chip cookies, flowers, and teddies. We’ve gathered a group of Valentine’s day treats that’ll satisfy your love and any sweet tooth in your life. Whether you’re gifting your sweetheart, parents, or best friends.

Is Valentine’s Day Celebrated In Ghana?

Yes. Ghanaians celebrate Valentine’s Day each year on February 14th by sending cards or letters, giving gifts such as chocolate or flowers, and having meals in restaurants.

Is Valentines Day only for couples in Ghana?

Contrary to popular belief, this day is not only for lovers valentines day is for all those whom we love. Including Family Members, Friends, Mentors, Relatives, Classmates all relationships. Of course, Valentine’s Day is not the only day to share our love. Rather, it is yet another opportunity to let those whom we love know how much we love and appreciate them.

Why is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

Valentine’s Day was celebrated to honor Saint Valentine, over the years. to commemorate the death anniversary who died in February, in the year 270 AD. Valentines’ Day has become synonymous with grand gestures of affection.

What Is known as National Chocolate Day?

The event was instituted by the Ghana Tourism Authority in 2005 to coincide with Valentine’s Day. The purpose was to boosting the domestic consumption of Ghanaian chocolate and other cocoa based products by people showcasing love to their loved ones through a gift of chocolates.

Whether you prefer the ostentatious method of going all out .

Great Gifty you can buy on Valentines Day in Ghana

  1. Roses or bouquet of flowers
  • What: Flowers that are perfectly preserved for a full year. Roses.
  • Choose the location of your loved one and begin browsing shops available in their area. Once you choose the flower shop and bouquet offering you like, you can personalize your delivery to come with a thoughtful digital Valentine’s Day card to go along with the gift. Just like ordering your favorite food.

2. Heart Shaped Chocolates

If your Valentine likes their treats sweet and salty, a popcorn mix is in order. A heart-shaped box of heart-shaped chocolates and caramel duets from Ghirardelli is the perfect gift for all special occasions.

A 14-piece collection of truffles from Ethel M can be purchased on online shopping websites in Ghana. The premium chocolate bites are filled with honey, espresso, white chocolate, milk chocolate, cinnamon pecan, and dark chocolate ganache cream.You can also purchase a gift basket filled with chocolates from Black Forest cherry bark, chocolate bridge mix, a milk chocolate heart pop, and yogurt almonds, to chocolate-covered pretzels, cherries, gummy bears, graham crackers, and Oreos, this Valentine’s Day gift basket blows a basic box of chocolates out of the water.

3. Pre-Made Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Him and Her
Deciding what to get that special someone — or even a close friend or mom — for Valentine’s Day can be tricky. Should you go with something classic like a bouquet of roses or other flowers? Is chocolate a better way to go? Jewelry can be costly and is often filled with high expectations, so it can be a hard gift to get right.

4. Teddy Bear Gift on Valentine’s Day in Ghana

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving mushy-eyed, soft teddy toys as a gift? Teddies are one of the sweetest gifts to present to the girl of your dreams.
Teddy bears are obviously one of the cutest gifts. The day is celebrated by giving a gift (cuddly teddy bear) that symbolizes the love/relationship of two individuals.
Red Teddy represents passion and love. It is meant to enhance the emotional intensity of a connection.

Blue Teddy represents depth, strength, wisdom, and commitment. It denotes that your love is really strong and that you are committed to your relationship.

Green Teddy symbolizes a deep connection with your lover and your willingness to wait for them.

Orange Teddy is a symbol of happiness, hope, and light. If you are given an orange teddy.

To win her heart, give her the teddy bear of her favorite color, and enjoy this wonderful day with your special one.

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