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Toyota launch 2022 Tundra

After 14 years, the Tundra gets a redesign.

Toyota launched its first new Tundra pickup truck in 15 years and the hybrid leader expands its leadership into the pickup truck segment.
Turbocharged V-6s, a revamped interior, and a coil-spring rear suspension help modernize Toyota’s full-size truck.

The third generation, the 2022 Toyota Tundra joins the Ram 1500 and the new Ford F-150 Raptor in ditching its rear leaf springs and suspending its live rear axle with links and coil or air springs.

The first new Tundra since 2007 arrives with an available hybrid powertrain, five suspension options with rear coil springs, a max towing capacity of 12,000 lb, and the latest in standard safety and convenience features.

The image in the leak shows a 2022 Tundra with “Capstone” badging on it. Other reports have noted that Capstone will be the Tundra’s luxury trim. A capstone is a large flat stone that sits on top of the other stones, making it a fitting name for the top-level trim.

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