Ghana Media School

Many companies have periodically successfully recruited students from GH School Of Media located in Achimota.
They have proved to be an asset to organizations and have been a pleasure to work with.
Media Studies degrees teach students about media channels, focusing on mass media and its history, content, and social impact. Students learn about traditional (radio, television) and modern mass media (social networks, vlogs).

About GH Media School Studies

Typical Media Studies include classes on Ethics and Journalism, Legal Issues in Communication, and Visual Culture. Graduates work as media planners, PR officers, or social media managers.
They come skilled; have great growth potential and have good work ethics. The institute is a good platform for employers to engage with young minds who are interested in the growing event industry easily and therefore is a powerful link enabling talented individuals to reach their potential.


GH Media School can be classified as a Mass Communication School

“Communicating to the masses” – is the simplest definition of “Mass Communication.” You can communicate & reach out to the masses through a variety of media such as television (TV), radio, print (magazines & newspapers), internet (social media & news websites.).

The method of “communication” may also differ – you can write(journalism), speak (TV/ radio), advertise, create films, get involved in public relations (PR), marketing & more! A career in any of these mass media is now quite popular among the youth of Ghana since it is increasingly being considered a tool to transform & empower society.

Ghana Media School Course Content


  • TV Presenting / TV Journalism
  • Radio Presenting / Radio Journalism
  • Newspaper Reporting / Print Journalism
  • Media Marketing / Media Law
  • Broadcast Journalism / Advanced Journalism
  • Media Law and Ethics


  • TV Presenting / TV Journalism
  • Radio Presenting / Radio Journalism
  • Radio, TV, and Film Producing
  • Professional Acting
  • Theater Arts
  1. Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Public Relations
    • Advertising
    • Marketing
    • B’ Comm
    • Media Law and Ethics
  2. TV and Film Production
    • Camera and Light
    • Editing and animations
    • Sound Production
    • Directing and Scriptwriting
    • Art Direction and Production Design
  3. Theater Arts ( Media Arts )
    • Professional Acting
    • introduction to Theater
    • Makeup and Costume
    • Modeling and Stagecraft
    • Introduction to Directing
  4. Media – ICT
    • Computer Systems
    • Hardware and Software
    • Graphics / Media Design
    • Website and App Development
    • MIS and Computer Applications
Durations and Qualifications

6 Months Proficiency Course
– No qualification requires
– Little or No formal or basic education

1 Year Certificate Course
– Passed proficiency certificate
– SSCE / WASSE, any grade including F /F9
– Other certificate/diploma

2 Years Certificate Course
– Passed Certificate Course
– SSCE /WASSE, with Passed including E&M
– Other certificates and diplomas from other recognized institutions


Admission Forms – 150 cedis

Admission Fees. – 400 cedis

Semester Fees. – 1,750 cedis

SRC Dues. – 70 cedis

Mainstream school 8 am to 5 pm
No Evening School and no weekend school
December 2022 to the End of January 2023
Admission ends on the 31st of January 2023
Lectures start on the 5th of February 2023

All students are assessed internally for 60% and will be required to write GES exams which will be 40% and be certified by GES. Our students received a GES diploma from the technical and vocational unit of GES which is equivalent to DBS. Students also write ICM for their international diploma
0204622250 / 0277622250
0233622250 / 0544622250
The school is located at Accra Achimota Abofu Junction, we are closer to the Achimota New transport terminal and adjacent to the Achimota ICGC church

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