5 Best Rated Apps for Setting Professional Goals in 2022

Setting goals and seeing them through has to be one of the hardest things. People have different reasons for this. Some of them are afraid of failure.
Others lack the motivation and willpower to succeed. Many choose instant gratification, like watching movies over achieving long-term goals.

Whatever the case, they often think that the task is too big for them to handle.
That’s why they lose track and leave their goals half-done.

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Developers released many apps over the past years to combat this phenomenon.
This software is available for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

How to Find the Right Goal Tracking App?

As with all things, users look for products that best suit their needs.
I often think That’s why they look for the top-rated resume writing services that can help them out. The same logic applies when looking for good productivity software.
It has to offer several characteristics:

Goal-Tracking Capabilities. Good programs have goal reminders. They go off at certain times to let users know they should be working right now.

Daily Goal Reviews. Software should allow you to set up goal strategies. Users can check on the progress via reports and charts.

They track the trends to stay motivated.

Building Good Habits. Another sign of a good app is its ability to cultivate good habits. For example, they build routines from single-type tasks.

There are several apps that answer these criteria.


Dreamfora is an app that is perfect for those wanting to achieve goals with minimal effort.

The developers worked with experts at setting goals. Together they provided the easiest way of creating and keeping track of the tasks. The product has several features.

It offers milestones that bring users closer to their goals. The app analyzes habits to root out the bad ones and nourish the good. It also offers setting up tasks in the form of checklists. People can write down their insights and ideas in notes.

Dreamfora tracks the progress with detailed reports, which users can view in charts and graphics.

Goals on Track

Goals on Track is one of the best productivity apps available. Users control everything from the dashboard. Here you can look at the goals and check the progress bar. There is also the option of setting daily tasks to ensure that you stay on track. It’s a great way to manage time and stay productive.

Goals on Track also offers the SMART Goal feature.

It makes sure that the goals you set are achievable and relevant. Additionally, users can create sub-goals. These are additional tasks required for completing the main goal.


LifeRPG is a true gift for those who love a playful approach to productivity. The software has elements that can be found in video games. In LifeRPG the goals are described as missions. Their importance is determined by 3 things:

Difficulty. Users determine how challenging certain tasks are

Fear. How stressed and anxious you are when thinking of accomplishing a goal

Urgency. How fast or how slow the missions are achieved

As with other apps, users can build their habits and create sub-tasks. Once created, the app will notify users about their missions. People receive reward points for completing goals.

It’s a nice break for other similar software.

Repeat Habit Tracker

Those who have trouble concentrating can use Repeat Habit Tracker. The software works in a 70-day format. Research shows that’s how long it takes to form habits.
Being able to do that is one of the greatest skills to put on a resume with no experience, especially if you don’t have a lot of work experience. The program encourages setting daily routines to achieve the objectives.

The Repeat Habit Tracker tracks daily goals and pending tasks. In addition to sending notifications, the software offers voice reminders. Users check if they achieved the daily goals or not. The progress interface shows how much was done to achieve the desired result. So, you can use the calendar to check on the progress.


The Strides app allows setting up several goals at once. Its flexibility is what sets the software apart. The product is good at both setting and tracking goals. The software has 4 features:

Average Statistics. This option shows the average data on specific goals.

It displays the time spent, the success rate, and how much is accomplished daily.

Building Habits. The feature allows decreasing bad habits and forming positive ones. Users have to log in to the habits to record the time spent on each of them. The software also sends out daily reminders.

Setting Milestones. This feature allows setting up tasks that bring users closer to achieving their goals. They can set up deadlines for all milestones and the steps towards them.

Targeting Goals. The Strides app also offers setting up timeframes for the goals. People can check how close they are to achieving their goals. The application is available only on iOS devices.

There is a free option that can be upgraded to premium. The latter option costs at least $4.99 a month.


There are many more apps that can help people achieve their dreams. All have their own features that can help them become more productive and focused. Download any of these products and set yourself on a road to success.

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