The internet is also a series of connected, creative communities. Very often there comes a moment when a particular video or action goes viral on popular platforms like Tik Tok.
‘it’s corn’ probably deserves a place at the legendary table following a sweet, innocent interview from little Tariq ( Corn Kid aka #CornKid aka #TheCEOofCorn.) on why he loves corn so much

web channel Recess Therapy posted an interview with a young lad called Tariq who was innocently just being interviewed while eating a large stick of corn – huge corn on the cob for those in Britain.
The interview went viral and then was picked up by the Gregory Brothers.

After the 70-second interview in August, and the accompanying viral song, the YouTube video amassed 13.2 million views before being turned into ‘probably the best TikTok track ever’ in adaptations across the huge social media platform

Tariq did a second interview

Following his viral moment, Tariq met back up with Shapiro-Barnum to re-visit the vital issue of (what else) corn. The importance of corn breaks, inventing a corn dance, and how to be a corn friend.

Meanwhile, Kevin Bacon did an Acoustic Rendition of Viral ‘It’s Corn TikTok Song.

His artistic guitar display may be the winner of the “It’s Corn” challenge … the actor takes up his trusty guitar to do a rendition of the now-viral track, but so damn soulful. Seriously, just look at this thing!

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