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Swap My Mtn To Vodafone Ghana

How can I port my number from MTN to Vodaphone?

There are three main service providers in the country; MTN, AIRTEL TIGO, and VODAPHONE. How would someone taking a new connection decide which service to choose?

Today we attempt to give you a guided description on how to switch from the main network providers so that you can decide which is the best sim in Ghana and how suitable you would find it for your requirements.

How do I change/swap My Number To Vodafone?

Switching from your previous network to Vodafone is easy. You can either move your old number by using a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) or cancel your old number on a particular date using a STAC (Service Termination Authorisation Code) in Ghana.
This new exclusive feature gives you the ability to switch to a different network service provider whilst maintaining the same old number of the previous network.

Factors To Consider before swapping my phone for another phone in ghana

When you have researched the details of the various service providers, there are certain factors that you need to consider before you make up your mind on which the best sim card in Ghana for the internet is.

  • The area you reside in is the first.
  • The internet speed
  • Network coverage
  • Strength of connectivity
  • Mobile sim range etc are influenced by the circle you reside in.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Port number from MTN to Vodafone.

  1. The first step is to open your text message app

    Open the messaging app on your phone with your MTN sim card

  2. The second step is to send a text message.

    Send PORT to 6060 after Wait and follow the instructions accordingly

  3. The last step is to complete your registration to your new number

    Visit the nearest MTN office near you with a valid national identification card. Present valid ID (driver’s license, Voters card, national ID, etc.) Complete port-in form and submit.
    It takes a maximum of 24 hours to successfully complete the porting.

Importance of porting from MTN to Vodafone.

Advantages of porting to Vodaphone Ghana SIM

Vodaphone sim cards are mainly chosen for its great internet speeds. The customer base enjoys high-speed connectivity and good coverage too. Their dongle facilities make traveling easier for those who require internet services on the go. There are some great online services like Vodaphone Cash Money, and Broadband plan which is popular with consumers.

  • Key Features Of Vodaphone Ghana
  • Enjoy cheap data packages
  • Provides comparatively better coverage in rural as well as urban areas
  • Good packs, slightly higher cost for services
  • Provides great offers with OTT subscriptions
  • Customer services can be improved
  • 4G connectivity
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