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Frequently Asked Questions About  Ho Technical University (HTU)

Which Region is Ho Technical University (HTU)  located in Ghana?

The institution is located in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Does Ho Technical University (HTU) have a contact number or address I could access?

The official contact number is +233 0362026456.You can contact them any time of the week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Is Ho Technical University (HTU) business/educational opeartions just valid for the Volta Region metropolitan area?

This institution has a long tradition and vast experience in business operations within Volta Region and other areas of the Ghanian society.

About Ho Technical University (HTU)

There are many great cities in the world, but nothing compares to Ho, Ghana.

You can information about other institution located  near you in the Volta Region of Ghana.

HISTORY OF HO¬†TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Ho Technical University (HTU), formerly Ho Polytechnic, is a public tertiary institution in the Volta Region of Ghana. The Polytechnic started in 1968 as a technical institute with the primary goal of providing pre-technical education. By 1972, the Institute made tremendous progress and upgraded its courses. The origin of Ho Technical University goes back to 1968. It was established as a Technical Institute with the primary objective of providing pre-technical education. By 1972, the Institute had made tremendous progress in upgrading the courses offered. Consequently, the pre-technical programmes expanded to courses in the Engineering and Vocational fields, e.g. Basic Engineering, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering, Building Technology, Fashion, Hospitality Management and Business Education In 1986, the Institute became a Polytechnic. It however continued to operate as second cycle institution, until 1993 when the Polytechnic was upgraded to a fully-fledged tertiary institution by the enactment of PNDC Law 321 and charged with the responsibility of training students in the technical and vocational skills to the Higher National Diploma [HND] level. Subsequently, in 2007, Polytechnics were given the mandate by the Polytechnics Act 745 to award their own degrees to the highest level. The passage of the Technical Universities Act 2016 (Act 922) provided Ho Technical University and mandated it to award degrees, diplomas, certificates and other qualifications to the highest level in Engineering, Science and Technology based disciplines, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Applied Arts and related disciplines. Our Vision To become a reputable Technical University contributing actively to national and international development. Mission Statement To train highly competent human resources to the highest level possible through career-focused education, skill training and research in partnership with stakeholders. Ethics Policy Statement Ho Technical University is a secular and non-partisan public institution. Admissions and academic awards are based on merit without regard to ethnicity, race or nationality, religious affiliation or beliefs, physical disabilities or Type of Gender. Academic and social interactions within the University are governed by the principles of fair play, justice, honesty, moral rectitude, and respect for authority, human rights and the environment. Core Values Integrity: Honesty, loyalty and accountability; Social Inclusiveness: Type of Gender equity, people centeredness and fair opportunity for all; Environmental Sustainability: Environmental consciousness and community development Quality: Excellence through pursuing the highest standards Innovativeness: Problem-solving through creativity, inventiveness and entrepreneurship Strategic Mandate The Technical Universities Act, 2016 (Act 922) defines the mandate to principally provide career-oriented vocational and technical higher education, undertake vocational and technical research and propagate applicable knowledge. The University has an additional mandate to build and nurture relationships with professional bodies and Industry. Its strategic mandate is couched in the Strategic Plan of the University. The Campus Located in the ‚ÄėOxygen City‚Äô of the Volta Region, Ho Technical University provides a serene and aesthetic environment conducive for studies and practical research. The campus is wrapped with fresh, pure and toxin-free air essential for optimum physical, social and intellectual development. HTU commits to protecting and maintaining a green environment by adhering to best environmental practices. Being free from the bustle of the central part of Ho, the town gives serenity that makes for a congenial learning atmosphere. The campus is within five (5) minutes drive to most parts of the town and strategically positioned for easy access to the several leisure and tourist sites in the region. In addition to relevant career-centric libraries enriching learning and research culture, laboratories and workshops are well equipped with ultra-modern state of the art equipment and facilities for effective and practical experience. Our lecture halls and other facilities are disability friendly, structured to meet the needs of all students. The University Clinic is resourced with caring and qualified healthcare professionals, who provide maximum healthcare needs of students, staff and the general public. Student life at HTU offers ‚Äútons‚ÄĚ of activities and networking opportunities enabling student engagement, reinvention and rediscovery in both their chosen fields of study and to explore areas of talents and interest. As part of its effort in enhancing the educational experience of students, HTU provides housing options that foster opportunities for building friendships and creating opportunities for teamwork. There are three principal Halls of Residence‚ÄĚ and an ultra-modern Hostel which imbibes excellent human relations and residential life among students. In addition to the Campus football pitch, the halls have multi-purpose courts for sports such as volleyball and basketball. There are also standard sports facilities for student-athletes to develop their athletic skills. Ho Technical University Faculties and Schools 1. School of Graduate Studies. 2. Business School. 3. Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology. 4. Faculty of Arts and Design. 5. Faculty of Engineering. 6. Faculty of Applied Social Sciences. List of Courses Offered by Ho Technical University for 2021/2022 Academic Year MASTER OF F TECHNOLOGY (M-TECH) MTech. Agricultural Engineering Programme¬†has the following options: Agricultural Machinery Engineering Food and Post-Harvest Engineering Soil and Water Engineering MTech. Mechanical Engineering Programme¬†has the following options: Production Engineering Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineering Automobile Engineering BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY (B-Tech) PROGRAMMES Bachelor of Technology, Hospitality and Tourism Management Bachelor of Technology, Auto-mobile Engineering Bachelor of Technology, Agricultural Engineering ¬†FACULTIES Faculty of Art and Design HND Industrial Art Fashion Design and Textiles Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management HND Information and Communication Technology HND Statistics HND Agro-Enterprise Development Faculty of Business and Management HND Accountancy HND Marketing HND Secretaryship and Management Studies HND Banking and Finance HND Purchasing and Supply Faculty of Engineering HND Agricultural Engineering HND Mechanical Engineering HND Building Technology HND Computer Science HND Civil Engineering HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering Faculty of Social Sciences Multidisciplinary Studies Modern Languages and Communication Website: Contact us ¬† +233 0362026456 +233 0362028398 Send us an e-mail Visit us At Ho Technical University, Ho, Volta Region Ghana.

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Official Phone Number : +233 0362026456

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