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Frequently Asked Questions About  Antoa Senior High School

Which Region is Antoa Senior High School  located in Ghana?

The institution is located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Does Antoa Senior High School have a contact number or address I could access?

The official contact number is 055 122 2884.You can contact them any time of the week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Is Antoa Senior High School business/educational opeartions just valid for the Ashanti Region metropolitan area?

This institution has a long tradition and vast experience in business operations within Ashanti Region and other areas of the Ghanian society.

About Antoa Senior High School

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Type of Gender – Mixed Housing status – Day and Boarding Year of Establishment – 1969 About Antoa Senior High School In 1969, some illustrious elders of Antoa came together and founded the school and named it Adonten Akoten Secondary School. It started as a private school in make-shift classrooms at the school’s old site with 12 students. The school was absorbed into the public system of education in September 1971 and renamed Antoa Secondary School. VISION The school aims to be an institute of academic excellence, development of sports and acceptable moral development among students, promoting a high sense of discipline among them. MISSION The mission of the school includes ensuring discipline among staff and students, motivation of staff especially teaching staff to give off their best and adopting open administration and giving the school a good tone COURSES OFFERED General Arts Business General Science Agriculture Home Economics Visual Arts. SCHOOL STATISTICS No. of Students (SHS 1): 968 No. of Students (SHS 2): 654 No. of Students (SHS 3): 636 SCHOOL FACILITIES 37 Classrooms 3 Science Labs Library Computer Lab Assembly Hall 4 Dormitories 3 Masters Bungalows. ACHIEVEMENTS N/A Source: Ghana Education Service (GES) Ministry of Education, Ghana

Contact Information: 

Official Phone Number : 055 122 2884

 Website Information:

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