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Rochelle Clarke: Ghana’s Hottest Youtuber

The YouTube scene has grown considerably during the years.

Rochelle Clarke

Rochelle B Show

There is Wode Maya, who seems to have the unassailable lead in number one YouTuber in Ghana. There is Kwadwo Sheldon, popular for his Yawa Of The Day show.

Then there is Rochelle B. Ghana’s own beautiful female Youtube vlogger.

Rochelle B. Show is a highly engaging television-styled program set in various cities around the globe. The show’s host, Rochelle, will be interviewing and chronicling the success stories of experiences.

Rochelle Clarke of the Rochelle B Show

Rochelle B is a smart – philanthropist who seems to be involved in Charitable work in Ghana. In one of her videos, she donated computers to a school. She has had several interviews with prominent and influential men in Ghana including, Politicians, Musicians, and Business Owners.

Her grace and humbleness are on par with any lady brought up by a well-structed family in Ghana.

Rochelle lives with her 2 children but finds adequate time to vlog and provide weekly inspiring vlogs for us.

Rochelle’s Youtube Channel is : Here

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