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Frequently Asked Questions About  Gaming Commission of Ghana

Which Region is Gaming Commission of Ghana  located in Ghana?

The institution is located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Does Gaming Commission of Ghana have a contact number or address I could access?

The official contact number is 233 302 542003.You can contact them any time of the week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Is Gaming Commission of Ghana business/educational opeartions just valid for the Greater Accra Region metropolitan area?

This institution has a long tradition and vast experience in business operations within Greater Accra Region and other areas of the Ghanian society.

About Gaming Commission of Ghana

There are many great cities in the world, but nothing compares to Accra, Ghana.

You can information about other institution located  near you in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The Gaming Commission of Ghana is an Agency under the Ministry of the Interior with continuous progression and a common seal, which was established under the Gaming Act 2006, (Act 721). The Act legalizes all forms of Games of Chance in Ghana except Lottery. The Act empowers the Commission, in the discharge of its functions to acquire and hold any movable or immovable property and enter into contracts or other transactions. The gaming industry in Ghana was previously regulated under the Lotteries and Betting Act, 1960 (Act31), the Football Pools Authority Act 1961, (Act 78) the Gambling Machines Decree 1973 (NRCD 174), and Casino Licensing Decree 1975 (NRCD 320). Until the establishment of the Gaming Commission, the Ministry of the Interior had oversight responsibility for the regulation of Casinos and other games of chance. The Gaming Act further states that, where there is a hindrance to the acquisition of property, the property may be acquired for the Commission under the State Property and Contracts Act, 1960 (C.A.6) or the State Lands Act, 1962 (Act 125) and the costs shall be borne by the Commission. The following are under the jurisdiction of the Commission: Casinos Sports Betting Route Operation (Slot Machines) Importation and installation of Gaming Equipment Promotional Gaming (Games of Chance) Betting on Horse Racing Scratch Cards Bingo Strategic Objectives The object of the Commission is to regulate, control, monitor and supervise the operation of Games of Chance in the country. To achieve this objective, the Commission: Makes proposals for the formulation of policies on Games of Chance in the country. License companies that want to operate Casinos and any other Games of Chance. Serves as an advisory body to Government on betting activities in the country. Receives and investigates complaints from companies and the public on matters pertaining to Games of Chance. Monitors and secure implementation of laws on Casinos and any other Game of Chance. Determines the minimum bankroll and ensures that license holders keep and maintain the minimum bankroll. Performs any other functions related to Games of Chance that the Minister for the Interior may determine. Vision To achieve an enviable and sustainable world-class gaming industry for national development. Mission Statement Regulate the gaming industry to ensure full compliance with the law. Core Values To strive to maintain integrity, consistency, transparency, and professionalism, and respect to enable stakeholders to have confidence in the Commission. Goals •    To achieve an enviable customer service •    To promote the responsible, fair, and legal gaming industry •    Maintain a regulatory environment that promotes compliance •    Develop, retain and value our employees •    Provide accurate and timely information to the public and other stakeholders. Contact Address: The Commissioner, Gaming Commission of Ghana, PMB 195, KIA, Accra Location: No. 2 Dei Street, Ambassadorial Enclave, East Legon, Accra Tel:  +233 302 542003, +233 274698935 / 0242666753 Website: E-mail:

Contact Information: 

Official Phone Number : 233 302 542003

 Website Information:

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