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Frequently Asked Questions About  M & G Pharmaceuticals

Which Region is M & G Pharmaceuticals  located in Ghana?

The institution is located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Does M & G Pharmaceuticals have a contact number or address I could access?

The official contact number is +233-(0)30-266-6868.You can contact them any time of the week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Is M & G Pharmaceuticals business/educational opeartions just valid for the Greater Accra Region metropolitan area?

This institution has a long tradition and vast experience in business operations within Greater Accra Region and other areas of the Ghanian society.

About M & G Pharmaceuticals

There are many great cities in the world, but nothing compares to Accra, Ghana.

You can information about other institution located  near you in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

M&G Pharmaceuticals is the leading manufacturer and importer of pharmaceuticals products, in Ghana. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable and innovative pharmaceutical and health care products to the West African sub-region. The company was established in 1989 when its current owners bought production facilities from Kingsway Chemists Ghana Limited, a division of United African Company Limited (UAC), now known as Unilever (Ghana) Limited. The company was restructured in July 1993 with foreign equity under the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act. We primarily manufacture products on the Essential Drug List & National Formulary of Ghana published by the Ministry of Health. Clientele Customers of M&G Pharmaceuticals Ltd include: Ministry of Health Regional Medical Stores Government Hospitals Catholic Hospitals Private Hospitals & Clinics Pharmacies Licensed Chemical Shops Our clients can be found in all one hundred and thirty eight (138) districts of Ghana with major distributors situated in the sixteen (16) regional capitals. OUR PRODUCTS M&G Pharmaceuticals’ range of products include, but are not limited to, the following items: Aluminium Hydroxide Tabs 500mg – Tablet Aluminium Hydroxide Tabs 500mg (loose) – Tablet AminoPep Syrup 200ml – Syrup Amoxycillin Caps 250mg – Capsule Amoxycillin Caps 250mg (loose) – Capsule Amoxycillin Caps 500mg – Capsule Amoxycillin Caps 500mg (loose) – Capsule Amoxycillin Susp 100ml – Suspension Ampicillin Caps 250mg – Capsule Ampicillin Caps 250mg (loose) – Capsule Ampicillin Susp 100ml – Suspension Ascoryl Syrup 125ml (Vitamin C) – Syrup Biofil 10ml – Powder Biofil 15ml – Powder Biofil 5ml – Powder Bonliv Syrup 225ml – Syrup Bonliv Tabs – Tablet Cafalgin Caplets (Para + Aspirin + Caffeine) – Tablet Cafalgin Jnr Susp 100ml (Para + Diphenhydromine) – Suspension Capsitop Gel 30g (Diclofenac + Capsaicin) – Gel Ceftriaxone Sodium Inj BP 1000mg – Injection Cefuxime 250mg Tabs – Tablet Cefuxime 500mg Tabs – Tablet Cefuxime Inj USP 750mg – Injection Chloramphenicol Caps 250mg – Capsule Chloramphenicol Caps 250mg (loose) – Capsule Chloramphenicol Susp 100ml – Suspension Chlordiazepoxide 10mg – Capsule Ciprofloxacin Infusion 2mg/mL in 100ml- Injection Cloxacillin Caps 250mg (500’s) – Capsule Cloxacillin Caps 250mg (loose) – Capsule Cloxacillin Susp 100ml – Suspension Co-trimoxazole Susp (200+40)mg/5ml (100ml) – Suspension Co-trimoxazole Tabs 400+80mg – Tablet Co-trimoxazole Tabs 400+80mg (loose) – Tablet Dexamethasone 0.5mg (loose) – Tablet Dextrose 10% IV 500ml (10D) – Iinjection Dextrose 5% IV 500ml (5D) – Injection Dextrose Normal Saline IV 500ml (DNS) – Injection Diazepam Tabs 10mg (loose) – Tablet Diazepam Tabs 5mg – Tablet Diazepam Tabs 5mg (loose) – Tablet Diazepam Tabs 5mg (loose) (100’s) – Tablet Dr. Lynn’s D&D Mixture 100ml – Syrup Drez Oint 10g (Povidone Iodine+Metronidazole) – Ointment Drez Oint 30g (Povidone Iodine+Metronidazole) – Ointment Drez Pow 10g (Povidone Iodine+Metronidazole) – Powder Drez Solu 100ml (Povidone Iodine+Metronidazole) – Liquid Drez Solu 30ml (Povidone Iodine+Metronidazole) – Liquid Drez Solu 500ml (Povidone Iodine+Metronidazole) – Liquid Emal Injection (oc−β Arteether) – Injection Emgifenac Tabs 25mg (Diclofenac) – Tablet Emgiflox Caps 250mg (100’s) (Flucloxacillin) – Capsule Emgiflox Caps 250mg (500’s) (Flucloxacillin) – Capsule Emgiflox Caps 250mg (Flucloxacillin) (loose) – Capsule Emgiflox Susp 125mg/5ml (100ml) (Flucloxacillin) – Suspension Emgikoff-D 100ml – Syrup Emgikoff-S 100ml – Syrup Emgimycin Tabs 250mg (Erythromycin) – Tablet Emgipine Tabs 10mg (Nifedipine) – Tablet Emgiprofen Susp 100ml (Ibuprofen) – Suspension Emgiprofen Tabs 200mg (Ibuprofen) – Tablet Emgiprofen Tabs 200mg (Ibuprofen) (loose) – Tablet Emgiprofen Tabs 400mg (Ibuprofen) – Tablet Emgiprofen Tabs 400mg (Ibuprofen) (loose) – Tablet Emgivit Tabs (Multivitamin) 100’s – Tablet Emgivit Tabs (Multivitamin) 1000’s – Tablet Ezipen Tabs (Aceclofenac + Para) – Tablet Feredet Tabs – Tablet Folic Acid 5mg (loose) – Tablet Garlix (Garlic Pearls)soft gelatin – Capsule Glucose – C 400g – Powder Glucose – D 400g – Powder Go Cough Syr. 125ml – Syrup Go-Cold Tabs – Tablet Griseofulvin Tabs 125mg – Tablet Haemoglobin Syr. 200ml – Syrup Helmazole Susp 10ml (Albendazole 100mg/5ml) – Suspension Helmazole Tabs 200mg (Albendazole) – Tablet Hepatitis Vaccine (Adult) – Injection Hepto Pep Syr 200ml – Syrup Heptolif 200ml – Syrup Histarine 4mg (Chlorpheniramine) – Tablet Koact 500+125mg Tab (Amoxiclav) – Tablet Koact 875+125mg Tab (Amoxiclav) – Tablet Kollagen 10 x 10cm – Sheet Kollagen 10 x 20cm – Sheet Kollagen 15 x 30cm – Sheet Kollagen 5 x 5cm – Sheet Loxallin Caps (Ampicillin + Cloxacillin) – Capsule Loxallin Susp. 100ml (Ampicillin + Cloxacillin) – Suspension Mal-Q Syrup 125ml – Syrup Metformin Tab. BP 500mg – Tablet Metronidazole 200mg – Tablet Metronidazole Inj 5mg/ml (100ml) – Injection Metronidazole Susp 200mg/5ml (100ml) – Suspension Metronidazole Tabs 200mg – Tablet Molfen Caplets (Para + Ibuprofen) – Capsule Molfen Susp. (Paracetamol & Ibuprofen) – Suspension Multivitamin Syr. 1000ml – Syrup Multivitamin Syr. 125ml – Syrup Multivitamin Tabs – Tablet My Baby Cough Mixture 100ml – Syrup No. 200 Cough Mixture 150ml – Syrup Normal Saline IV 500ml (NS) – Injection Nugel (Antacid) Tabs – Tablet Nugel Susp 200ml – Suspension Nugel-O Susp 200ml – Suspension Nutramin Drops 15ml (Multivitamins) – Syrup Oxytetracycline 250mg – Capsule Paracetamol Susp 1000ml – Suspension Paracetamol Susp 250mg/5ml (125ml) – Suspension Paracetamol Tabs 500mg – Tablet Paracetamol Tabs 500mg (loose) – Tablet Penicillin V Tabs 125mg – Tablet Penicillin V Tabs 125mg (loose) – Tablet Penicillin V Tabs 250mg – Tablet Penicillin V Tabs 250mg (loose) – Tablet Phthalyl Sulphathiazole 500mg – Tablet Polyfer Caps – Capsule Polyfer Forte Syr 150ml (Iron (III) Polymaltose) – Syrup Polyfer Forte Syr 200ml (Iron (III) Polymaltose) – Syrup Prednisolone Tabs 5mg – Tablet Prednisolone Tabs 5mg (loose) – Tablet Proxicam Caps 20mg (Piroxicam) – Capsule Ringer Lactate IV 500ml (RL) – Injection Sulphathiazole 500mg (M&G 760) – Tablet Tetracycline Caps 250mg – Capsule Tetracycline Caps 250mg (loose) – Capsule Viscof Cough Expectorant Syrup – Syrup Viscof-D Syrup (Dry Cough) – Syrup Viscof-S Syrup (Wet Cough) – Syrup Vitacal Susp. 200ml (Calcim + Vitamin B12) – Suspension Vitaglobin Syr 200ml – Syrup Vitamin B-Complex – Tablet Vitamin B-Complex (loose) – Tablet Vitamin B-Complex Syr 1000ml – Syrup Vitamin B-Complex Syr 125ml – Syrup Vitamin C – Tablet Vitamin C 100mg – Tablet Water for Injection 10ml – Injection Water for Injection 5ml – Injection Wormex Syr 30ml – Syrup Zincofer Caps – Capsule Zincofer Syr 200ml – Syrup Zincovit Drops 15ml – Syrup Zincovit Syr 200ml – Syrup Zincovit Tablets – Tablet Zintab Tab 10mg (Dispersible) – Dispersible Tablet Zintab Tab 20mg (Dispersible) – Dispersal Tablet

Contact Information: 

Official Phone Number : +233-(0)30-266-6868

 Website Information:

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