Using Music To Earn Money

In 2023 you could use the sound of music to earn considerable money or make an income online. Making great music needs to be the primary focus of the musician.

There exist many exciting opportunities arising from the advent of artificial intelligence and advancements in technology. There are many social media platforms artists can be promoted on. This makes things much easier and better for many individuals to explore more opportunities than have existed before in history to make a living online.

Let’s look at 8 musicians who have used ways to promote the sound of their music independently in the modern music landscape.

8 found success earning money online through various platforms:

  1. Lindsey Stirling – A violinist, dancer, and performance artist who has built a massive fanbase through her YouTube channel. YouTube success is not overnight, it requires you to invest some time in setting up your channel as well as accumulating a portfolio of videos.
  2. Porter RobinsonSpotify is one of the most of biggest music streaming services platforms built specifically for artists. Electronic music producer and DJ Peter has released music on various platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify, and also live streams concerts.  Spotify for Artists allows you to add a profile image, submit music to playlists (more info on that below!), edit your Spotify artist bio, view streaming analytics, and access
  3. Grimes – A Canadian musician, singer, and record producer who has released music on platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud, as well as doing Live Streaming concerts.
  4. NIN – Nine Inch Nails, is an American industrial rock band also making it in terms of being financially secure who. have been active in online music distribution, offering free music downloads and streaming concerts on the web, since the early days of the internet.
  5. Deadmau5 – Canadian electronic music producer and DJ who has released music on platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify and Sound Me have some streamed concerts on Twitch.
  6. DJ Shadow – Is an American music producer and DJ known for his experimental approach to hip-hop music, who also releases music on various platforms as well as streaming concerts.
  7. MF DOOM – Is an English-American rapper, songwriter, and record producer known for his distinct style and mask who also released music on streaming platforms Sound On Global and also sold merchandise online.
  8. DJ Premier -Released on music platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify, successful American record producer and DJ making thousand of dollars each year has also offered online production tutorials and live-streamed DJ sets.

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