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A Legislators job is to draft legislation and pass bills into law. The job invariably involves research, discussion and debate, so these professionals must have strong persuasive speaking and negotiating skills. Legislators work long hours, travel often, and rely on reelection for employment. Extensive contact with constituents is common and can be both rewarding and stressful. The first step to become a good legislator is to choosing a career is to make sure you are actually willing to commit to pursuing the career. As most legislators are elected, most candidates must campaign for a position. While candidates in some local elections may run unopposed, campaigning for positions in other jurisdictions often requires long hours, persistence, and a significant amount of money. Candidates must, therefore, raise funds, make frequent public appearances, and meet with local voters. Work experience is important for legislators. Candidates for legislative office often must demonstrate that they can make good decisions and lead effectively.
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Program Info Areas of study you may find a University include: Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master Post Degree Certificate: Post Master's Certificate, Postbaccalaureate Certificate Undergraduate: Bachelor Liberal Arts and Humanities Cultural Studies Ethnic and Gender Studies Geography and Cartography Human and Consumer Sciences Human and Social Services Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies Philosophy Political Science American Government International Relations, General Public Administration Social Science and Studies Social Studies and History
Job Title Range Average Position Salary Senators and House Representatives Ghana Cedis 100,000 In the United States: Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico 4,000 President pro tempore of the Senate 3,400 Majority leader and minority leader of the Senate 3,400 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Legislative Assistant k - k ,024 Legislative Aide k - k ,163 Policy Analyst k - k ,797 Legislative Analyst k - k ,962 Legislative Director k - k ,000 Chief of Staff {{mpg_salary}} - {{mpg_salary}} (Estimated *) ,000 Executive Director {{mpg_salary}} - {{mpg_salary}} (Estimated *) ,000
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