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14 Jan

How It Works

Selling On Ghana Web Shop

How do I Login or register?

Click ( Create a Shop ) or (my Account in top menu) follow the instructions and register.
( Anyone can register,( by Invitation Only) To list a product Is FREE. )

Is Listing of a Product or Service Free?
Yes ..It is free to List your First Products or Services.
1. Basic Listing ( Up to 5 different Products ) … Price: FREE

2. Premium Listing ( Featured Listing for 1 year and Up to 10 featured products ) : Price: 300 GH

3. Lifetime Listing ( Featured Listings for 10 years and up to 20 featured products ) : Price: 1000 GH

What is the difference between Basic, Premium, and Lifetime Listings?

A. Basic listings are shown on the marketplace. They have no special features and take 10 years to expire.

B. Featured listings are shown on the front page of the site, and users can bump up their listings to the top of the marketplace listings. ( they have an expiry date of 1 year).

C. Lifetime listings are Featured listings on mass ….30 featured products and have an expiry date of 5 years.

Am having problems listing my product, How do I list them?

We will help you list your products send us an e-mail or Whassup Only ( 0500429658 )

Note: payment is required before listing through mobile money.

What are the benefits of listing on this shopping site:

1. Internal promotion. Apart from listing here, your listing will be added to our pages on various social media platforms.

2. We are SEO experts. if your listing description is below the required standards, we may revise the description of the listing to accurately reflect your products. Gaining more traffic and viewers to your listing.

What do I need to list my products?

A valid E-mail
A Valid Phone Number
A valid clear photograph of products.
( Note we can help you list your products via the messenger described above.


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