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26 Mar
How To Guide

How It Works Complete Tutorial

Table of Contents

1. How to Submit an AD

Adding a new listing with Frontend Listing Addon is quite simple, An overview is provided below.

  1. Click Submit New Listing Link in side menu [figure : 1]
Click Submit New Listing in your Account Dashboard

2. Re -verify The e-mail you used to register in your dashboard within 10 minutes.

After verification, you are Free to submit your products.

3 If there are any, Select a package, or listing will be submitted in a default-free package without showing package plans

After selection of package as per point number 2, listing submits form would appear, Fill in form data and hit submit button.

2. Edit Listing

To edit an existing listing, Click Configure link in front of a particular listing, Then click the Edit listing link from the dropdown menu

By clicking Edit Listing Link System will redirect to the edit listing form, here you can change listing data.

After finalizing your changes hit the save listing button.

3. Upgrade Listing

To Upgrade Listing from frontend user panel, make sure you have more than 1 listing package available, to create and configure packages visit and make sure you have set upgrade option for each package by following here

After configuration of the upgrade user can upgrade his/her listing by clicking configure link in front of a particular listing than clicking the upgrade link in the dropdown menu

By clicking the upgrade link in the dropdown menu, A modal Window would appear, select package to upgrade, and hit the upgrade button

5. Bump Up Listing

BumpedUp listing will be shifted at the top and would keep going down with submission of new listing, please keep in mind it’s not a sticky listing that would stay always at the top, nor it would be a time-based feature. The feature would work when listings is ordered by date as DESC

To offer to Bump up/ RaiseUp listing functionality, Feature must be enabled in the current listing package, For Package configuration visit and follow point number 4 to enable bump feature, to set bumpUp price for each package visit and follow step 2 figure[1.3]

By Assuming that you have already enabled the bump-up feature and set pricing, Click Configure link in front of a particular listing from the frontend user panel and then click BumpUp to top link from the dropdown menu.

By Clicking bump up to the top link from the dropdown menu, A modal window would appear, Hit the boost button to bump up that listing on top.

6. Check the Performance of your Ads

  1. Click on the configure in the setting on your dashboard then go to the performance, { shown in the figure below }.

2. There you can view how many people have visited your ad each month.

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