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PGM Golf Shoes For Women

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Product name: Golf Shoes For Women
Seller type: Agency
Origin: United States
Condition: Brand New
Color: white
Property Type: Commercial

A golf shoe must have several critical elements to effectuate a proper golf swing and eliminate inefficiencies. Most performance-based golf shoes are designed for the shape of women’s feet.

PGM Golf Shoes:


Panda Ghana

Panda Ghana

PGM shoes are a mold of traditional shoes that provide better balance/stability and ground reaction force, resulting in increased swing speed and more consistent accuracy.

As a better alternative to other golf shoes, the design of this shoe accommodates many of the common foot issues experienced by many women such as bunions, calluses, corns, & hammertoe.


The best spikeless PGM golf shoes are popular, as they not only provide stability and traction generally throughout a tournament, but they also suit today’s fast-moving lifestyles.

During the competition, the unique toe–forefoot design of the golf shoes allows the toes to sit naturally in the shoes providing extraordinary comfort, balance, and stability.

Tour performance last specifically-designed to be wider in the forefoot for improved fit, feel, and overall comfort.

How to Use:

There are two connections in golf; your hands to the club and your feet to the ground. Your connection to the ground (golf shoes) facilitates hip rotation, swing speed, balance/stability, and accuracy.

Squeeze down on the top of the shoe's forefoot and notice how much material hangs over the side. This stretching or added flexibility has been shown in testing to promote supination, the weight moving to the outside of the trail foot.

This is when the golfer gets stuck on the right side (for right-handed golfers) and cannot shift the weight back to the lead side.


Pro and Cons


  • The new golf shoes for women are both stylish and packed with performance technology.


  • Many of today’s sneaker-like, lightweight, mesh golf shoes lack structure and are found to promote several detrimental swing movements.
  • Some of the meshes, lightweight sneaker-like shoes, can hurt your game as they lack structure and have too much flexibility.

Swing speed: +2.1 mph
Driving distance: +7.8 yards
An 18 hcp increased his swing speed 5 mph and driving distance 20 yards. He is now an 11 hcp.

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Contact Information
Address: Tantra Hills, Greater Accra,
Price: GH ₵‎ 600

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