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Verphix Laundry Services in Ghana

February 11, 2022
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Property Type: Commercial

Laundry Services Locations near me:

Location: Mamobi ( behind Accra Girls High School )
Telephone : 233 20 178 9008 / 233 64 674 4856

East Legon
Near me

Verphix Laundry & Dry Lodge provides laundry services for homes and businesses that use a lot of chair covers, towels, uniforms, or anything else you can think of.

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The market for Laundry Services in Ghana


East Legon
Near me

There is an increase in the market of Laundry services in Ghana as an increasing number of dry cleaning and laundry service companies.

With the increased discretionary incomes and lifestyle of many individuals who are very busy washing their clothes. With hectic schedules and a growing desire for a better work-life balance, employees everywhere are looking for ways to streamline their lifestyles and gain back precious free time.

This has created new lucrative markets for dry cleaners, such as wash-dry-fold services that charge per pound, and pickup and delivery services.

Some of these services in Accra are offering 24-hour drop-off and pick-up services through either locker systems or call services.

This allows people to drop off or pick up clothing at the most convenient times for them, especially office workers or individuals engaged in activities that make them very busy to have time to wash their clothes or do their laundry.

Verphix Dry Lodge

Laundry & dry cleaning  Laundromat Services

Services Offered:

  • Wash, Dry & Fold – Domestic
  • Wash, Dry & Fold – Commercial
  • Ironing
  • Repairs & Alterations
  • Same Day Express Service Option
  • Handwashing
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Pick Up and Delivery

Verphix  offers Professional laundry services for all your personal and commercial needs
They provide same-day service along with a wash (quality detergents), dry, and fold your laundry.

This employs optimum cleaning methods for ensuring our reliable laundry service is always the right choice for your garments.

The process involves rinse picks up, cleaning, and delivering your laundry and dry cleaning so that customers can rest easy knowing their delicates, colors, and whites are in capable hands—especially when it comes to erasing pesky stains or tackling hard-to-clean household items like comforters.
Our large selection of affordable, all-new, high-energy washers and dryers
are spread throughout our laundromat for your coin-op and self-service laundry.
We provide a clean and comfortable air-conditioned location
equipped with televisions.
e even sell detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, and other laundry products.

Laundry Process

Once linens are picked up from the various hotels, resorts, healthcare facilities, and restaurants, they’re brought to the plant and lined up to have their arrival processed. Let us help you take a load off your hands! Our drop-off washes, dry, and fold laundry cleaning service will give you more free time. The information for each load is entered into a computer system, and the linens are weighed.


Linens are sorted by trained staff outfitted with gloves and other gear. Materials are sorted by type and color (white towels, bedsheets, and robes go into their own compartments, for example).

We will separate your whites and colors and neatly fold and package your items making putting them away at home super easy!


Using high-capacity industrial washing machines, the linens are thoroughly laundered according to the standards and guidelines for each industry. (For example, healthcare linens have much more stringent guidelines than the restaurant industry.)

Our commercial service provides laundry for all types of businesses. We launder towels, rugs, cushions, linens, and drapes for condos, rental buildings, medical offices, and restaurants.  We even launder any kind of uniform gear!


Damp laundry is then placed in large capacity dryers, and the kind of material determines the level of drying. Sheets are usually dried just enough to pull out excess moisture, then they’re pressed (ironed) while still slightly damp.

Pro Tip: Most industrial dryers have built-in sensors to prevent the kind of over-drying that can waste energy and damage fabric.


Pressing is done with large machines big enough to efficiently dry and iron king-sized sheets and banquet-sized tablecloths. Linens are loaded by hand into the ironers, where they’re dried and neatly folded.


Very little is folded by hand, as that is time-consuming and less than efficient. Instead, machines fold, sort, and stack clean linens.


There’s one last weigh-in before materials are loaded up for delivery. Dirty linens weigh more than clean, and staff at the end of the laundry process check to make sure the weight discrepancy is within a normal range before it’s delivered. Damaged or stained linens that need a special wash are bagged separately so they aren’t mixed in with the rest of the linens.

it has held tight to that mission as its offerings have expanded to gown preservation, rug cleaning, wash-and-fold services, and more.


Pickup and delivery are always free, and customers can choose from same-day, one-day, and two-day turnaround times. Busy customers can even schedule pickups while they’re away from home. And, the service is customizable: Enter your preferences at checkout, and your laundry will be returned just the way you like it.


Verphix Laundry Services Price List - Effective January 2022
Prices do not include the following taxes: 2.5% NHIL + 2.5% GETFUND LEVY + 12.5% VAT
Product NameSectionPriceProduct NameSectionPrice
ApronLaundry36BlouseDry cleaning13
Bed Sheet, KingLaundry4CamisoleDry cleaning11
Bed Sheet, QueenLaundry32Cloth, KenteDry cleaning38
BlouseLaundry20Cloth, Wax PrintDry cleaning18
BraLaundry35Curtains, Heavy, Lined/Dry cleaning9
CamisoleLaundry48Curtains, Light, Lined/Dry cleaning6
Cloth, KenteLaundry50DressDry cleaning19
Cloth, Wax PrintLaundry32Duvet/Blanket, KingDry cleaning180
Coat/BlazerLaundry48Duvet/Blanket, QueenDry cleaning150
Curtains, Heavy, Lined/sq m.Laundry37Gown, DinnerDry cleaning90
Curtains, Light, Lined/sq m.Laundry35Gown, WeddingDry cleaning250
DressLaundry42Hat/CapDry cleaning15
Duvet Cover, KingLaundry45Jacket, WinterDry cleaning55
Duvet Cover, QueenLaundry33Jumpsuit, LadiesDry cleaning19
Duvet/Blanket, KingLaundry220Kaba, 2pcDry cleaning23
Duvet/Blanket, QueenLaundry200Kaba, 3pcDrycleaning27
Jacket, WinterLaundry58Kaba, Kente, 2pcDry cleaning45
JeansLaundry38Kaba, Kente, 3pcDry cleaning53
Jumpsuit, LadiesLaundry33Kaftan/Boubou, 1pcDry cleaning23
Kaba, 2pcLaundry35Kaftan/Boubou, 2pcDry cleaning27
Kaba, 3pcLaundry38Kaftan/Boubou, 3pcDry cleaning38
Kaba, Kente, 2pcLaundry50NightgownDry cleaning11
Kaba, Kente, 3pcLaundry55PajamasDry cleaning18
Kaftan/Boubou, 1pcLaundry35PillowDry cleaning30
Kaftan/Boubou, 2pcLaundry38Robe, Academic/ChoirDry cleaning38
Kaftan/Boubou, 3pcLaundry45Scarf/ShawlDry cleaning18
NapkinLaundry35Shirt - FoldedDry cleaning17
NightgownLaundry38Shirt - HangedDry cleaning13
OverallsLaundry55SkirtDry cleaning14
OvercoatLaundry55Smock, 1pcDry cleaning23
PajamasLaundry32Smock, 2pcDry cleaning27
PillowLaundry40Smock, 3pcDry cleaning38
PillowcaseLaundry35Stuffed Toy/Dry cleaning15
Polo/ Golf ShirtLaundry37.5Suit, 2pcDry cleaning44
Robe, Academic/ChoirLaundry55Suit, 3pcDry cleaning52
Robe, BathLaundry45Suit, SafariDry cleaning44
Seat Cover, Car, 1 seatLaundry34SweaterDry cleaning24
Seat Cover, Car, 3 seatsLaundry60Tie/Bow-TieDry cleaning12
Seat Cover, Domestic, 1 seatLaundry30TrousersDry cleaning16
Shirt - FoldedLaundry32WaistcoatDry cleaning12
Shirt - HangedLaundry30Product NameSectionPrice
ShortsLaundry37BlousePress Only7
Singlet/VestLaundry36Coat/BlazerPress Only12
SkirtLaundry39DressPress Only9
Smock, 1pcLaundry35Jumpsuit, LadiesPress Only9
Smock, 2pcLaundry38Kaba, 2pcPress Only10
Smock, 3pcLaundry45Kaba, 3pcPress Only12
SocksLaundry5Kaba, Kente, 2pcPress Only10
Stuffed Toy/kgLaundry40Kaba, Kente, 3pcPress Only12
Suit, 2pcLaundry52Kaftan/Boubou, 1pcPress Only9
Suit, 3pcLaundry58Kaftan/Boubou, 2pcPress Only12
Suit, SafariLaundry52Kaftan/Boubou, 3pcPress Only15
T-shirtLaundry9OvercoatPress Only12
TableclothLaundry42Polo/ Golf ShirtPress Only6
Towel, LargeLaundry52Robe, Academic/ChoirPress Only18
Towel, SmallLaundry48Shirt - FoldedPress Only12
TrousersLaundry10Shirt - HangedPress Only10
Underpants/BoxersLaundry20ShortsPress Only5
Smock, 1pcPress Only11
Smock, 2pcPress Only13
Smock, 3pcPress Only18
Suit, 2pcPress Only18
Suit, 3pcPress Only22
Suit, SafariPress Only18
T-shirtPress Only5
TrousersPress Only8

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