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Marintia Eiko ( Marintia goto williams)

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Meet Ghanaian Youtuber Marintia Eiko.

My name is Marintia. I make videos on travel, university, life, and more. Self-improvement is really important to me so being able to document it and share it with you guys has been really exciting. Subscribe, turn on your post notifications and join the adventure. My friends Instagrams: Diana: Ooreoluwa: @ooreoluwaaa

About Marintia Eiko

Marintia Eiko Net Worth: $100,000 Plus.Marintia promotes the culture of Ghana and visits many places to showcase in her videos.
Family Business: Ghanaian-owned hotel Mensvic Grand Hotel is located in East Legon. Marintia Goto-Williams showed around her dad’s hotel in one of her videos. The owner Stephen ( Her Father) discusses what made him decide to build a hotel in Ghana, how the hotel business is in Ghana, and more.

This is his second hotel in Accra the first one is located across the road from Mensvic. The owner was born and raised in Ghana and decided to move to Japan to peruse a career in business before moving back to Ghana!
Marintia Goto-Williams shares her experience of being Japanese and Ghanaian. She lets us know what it was like growing up bi-racial / growing up mixed-race in Ghana and in Japan. Her different school experiences at Ghana International School and an International School in Japan.

In an episode, Mrs. Acheampong sat down with Marintia Goto Williams to talk about growing up bi-racial / mixed race and her experiences attending international schools and universities in Ghana, Japan, and the U.S.


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  • One of Best Youtubers In Ghana

    Excellent visuals and presentations in her videos. One of my favorite Ghana YouTubers! help her get to 500,000 subscribers this year so that she would not have to shave her hair !


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