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The Ghanaian Media company, is a popular entertainment site in Ghana, delivering exclusive Gossips news and in-depth celebrity coverage, red carpet live streams, TV scoop, and spoilers.


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Articles or content on GhBase is primarily generated by their team of digital journalists. They are also curated from various media houses, including lifestyle trends and tips, and what's viral now.

As a multiplatform brand for all things  Celebrity Gossips, Fashion, Relationship, and Lifestyle, Foreign Entertainment news is also included from South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya News.

Entertainment news from Ghbase:
Providing leading entertainment news and information to millions of readers breaking news and updates on Politics. Including Current Affairs, Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel, Sport, Motoring, and Technology. provides the latest exciting entertainment news to keep our customers informed about what matters most to them, to help make their life, community, country, and world better.

Gospel Base - Features latest religious news and trends featuring gospel musicians, News from different denominations, and religious news.

Global Stars- features entertainment News from your favorite celebrities mostly from the United States.

Movies- Provides news on the local movie industry including new releases, news on actors and actresses, and events.

Sports- provides the Live scores, results, and fixtures. You can get updates on football leagues, Ghana league, English premier including other sports like boxing news.



A. GhBase has a strong commitment to building and maintaining its credibility with its customers by providing trustworthy news ( Including Gossips) and information — news and information that is accurate, accountable, and ethically produced.

B. Ghbase respects the rights of people involved in the news, be transparent, and stand accountable to the public for the fairness and reliability of everything it publishes.

C. Independence from those we cover is a key principle of journalistic integrity. base avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts.

They disclose information that could create the perception of a conflict of interest.

D. Transparency with their readers and openness about the potential for conflicts should guide our considerations about real or perceived conflicts.

Our target:

*Firstly, To be a platform to visit when the news is breaking

* Secondly, To use our platform to check societal oppression, injustice, and other ills through the objective report, analysis, and investigation.

* Thirdly, To hold governments and policymakers accountable on issues that concern the masses

Fourthly To entertain and enlighten the public on trending/topical issues



Main contact numbers:
Tel:030 294 9074

Physical address:

Madina Estate Road

Editorial Team’s email:

Contact Information
Address: Madina, Greater Accra,

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