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Janiece Emefa: Curly Haired Unicorn

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Curly Haired Unicorn is a youtube star with videos ranging from hair products to vacation trips to Germany and Dubai.

Curly Haired Unicorn's real name is Janiece Emefah. The Curly-haired unicorn recently launched her product line: The Rose Collection, By JAJA and Glow.


Janiece is dating her boyfriend of many years Rahim Banda, with whom she attended school during her teenage years.

Curly Haired Unicorn's net worth is unknown but can be estimated to be over 100,00USD by the end of 2021. She is only likely to earn more money as her subscriber base grows on youtube in the next few years.

Janiece Emefa is mixed by race. Her father is German by ethnicity and her mother is  Ghanaian.

Product launched

Curly-haired unicorn recently launched her product line: The Rose Collection, By JAJA and Glowic

The beauty product is extracted from flowers, hydrates skin, and helps maintain optimal moisture levels.

During the Product launch, she left a message:

"This day was the highlight of the year for me! Seeing our vision come to life with so many people around to witness it. It was a fairytale and I'm so grateful to God for making our launch party a success! I want to say a huge thank you to all the guest artists and influencers who showed up! A huge thank you to my team and everyone who made this possible, and the biggest thank you to all of you that came to support, both at the venue and online!"

Rahim Banda reportedly shared the stunning images of the beautiful young lady.

Youtube Stats:
Name: Janiece
Age: 19
Race: German/Ghanaian
Location: currently in Düsseldorf (Germany)
On Filming, she uses the Sony zv1 or her iPhone 12 to film.
Editing she uses either use Davinci Resolve or iMovie
Apr 8, 2022, Video ...
Becoming “that girl” | productive and reflective mornings. ( Video )
Janiece explains that getting older led her to reflect on a lot of things and just make healthier decisions for herself and her body.
I hope you enjoy this video and it motivates you to be productive and do something that makes you feel great!

♡ SNAPCHAT: Jan.niece

Latest Episode:

Blonde highlights lace front wig half up half down install ft. Celie Hair

Janiece highlights the wig she bought and shows the steps involved in putting it on.
The wig is brown with darker highlights.


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