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Alyssa Derrick- Global Gyal


Alyssa Derrick is a YouTube and social media influencer in Ghana.

Alyssa Derrick  Caribbean girl who LOVES soca music is ‘corny’ as Eva (you’ll see) and is determined to make the most of what life has to offer.

Born and raised in Antigua and Barbuda (woot woot!).

I am exceptionally proud to be from the Caribbean.  You can look it up if you’ve never heard of it – It’s BEAUtiful!.

I gained opportunities to experience different countries and cultures from a young age. I  was even more fortunate to go to University in North America.

This is where I want to learn more about ‘the world’ developed.

Part of me can come up with a really good excuse – it was because I got really into editing videos.

I channeled my energy, thoughts, and creativity into the process. Interestingly and just found it easier mentally to focus on one thing at a time.

About Alyssa:

[I – Interviewer (me), A – Alyssa aka Global Gyal]

I: I’ve known Alyssa for several years and more so recently through a mutual friend; my best friend is also one of her best friends. I was inspired to start this new feature piece based on her courageous adventures and the stories she shares via her Facebook page. From seeing her in action she’s truly an inspiration in different areas of life; she can party hard and still get the work done. As not to give too much away let’s get into the discussion so you can see what she’s currently up to.

Meet Alyssa,

A: Hello! Well, as you said my name is Alyssa Derrick. I’m born and raised in Antigua and Barbuda (the country that has my heart). I’m 25 years old with a degree in International Development and a minor in Business Administration. I’m in love with soca music (that too has my heart.) I also love my family, friends, and good times. I enjoy a good book and quiet times too, however (quite the contrast) and, I love to travel.

How did you fall in love with traveling?

A: I moved to Toronto for University and lived there for 4 years after I went to State College back home. This move was pivotal in my love for travel.

My University was very diverse, so I met a lot of international people. I was living in a new country (and such a large one at that) and very involved in school. All of those experiences I had in those years combined to make me fall in love with travel.

I remember walking through my school hall one time and I saw a map. I quickly searched for Antigua (a dot) then zoomed out and compared it to Canada, where I was. I then scanned and looked at the rest of the world on the map and thought “Look how many more countries there are to discover. If I’ve had such great experiences just from moving to this one place, imagine what I’d experience traveling to the rest. There’s so much more of the world to explore”. By the time I graduated I had a plan in place to start that discovery process.

Q: Is this your first solo travel experience? If not, what other countries have you visited?

A: This is definitely not the first solo trip but I do actually travel a lot with friends and family. When I was younger I visited the USA a few times and many Caribbean Islands. When I was in University each break my sister and my other friends and I would jump on a bus to another province in Canada or state in the USA. By myself, when I graduated I decided to go to South Africa, the UAE, the USA, and Barbados. I didn’t want to move back home just yet and I didn’t want to get a job, so that was my solution. I did it for 2.5 months.

Overall I’ve visited most of the English-speaking Caribbean, East coast USA, Canada, the U.K as well as the countries I mentioned in my first solo trip.

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Address: Ga West Municipal, Greater Accra,

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