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Vanessa Kanbi

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Vanessa Kanbi is a Ghanaian presenter of mixed race, filmmaker & podcaster. Vanessa’s YouTube videos have had more than 10 million views.

A Scottish Ghanaian-born presenter, she is also a  filmmaker and podcaster and a married mum of two.

Vanessa has a passion to shine a light on untold stories. Originally from Edinburgh, Vanessa lives between the UK and Ghana.

After pursuing a modeling career for over ten years in London and Edinburgh she shifted her focus to become a videographer and podcaster and spent time presenting podcasts and videos for the BBC

Youtube Channel:

​As one of the leading tubers in Ghana presently. Vanessa has a social media following of over 200,000 and she has amassed in excess of 10 million views on her YouTube channel which is dedicated to creating captivating films about Ghana presenting its culture, real estate, lifestyle, and personal stories.

Vanessa loves interviewing inspirational people, checking out the best places to visit, and finding out what people’s experiences are living in Ghana. Her desire to showcase Ghana through her platforms seemed perfect when we thought about who’d be styling our Duafe and Gye Nyame necklace collection.


The filmmaker and podcaster have a passion to shine a light on untold stories. Vanessa is often a contributor on several BBC Radio shows and also has a successful podcast called ‘Magnificent Mothers’ in which she interviews mums about their life stories and experiences.

She also creates content for her personal YouTube channel ‘Vanessa Kanbi’. She often features on BBC Radio Scotland as a guest and had her debut on BBC Scotland’s new TV channel in October in the documentary ‘Black and Scottish’.
Podcast Session::
"If you don't ask it, you'll never know" Interviewing your dad with Vanessa Kanbi

The Love/Hate Club

In a chat-packed episode of the podcast content creator, Vanessa Kanbi from Edinburgh joins Cassi and Roisin to discuss a host of topics, not least the viral story of the doctor who followed up with a romantic proposal to a patient. Also, Vanessa's career creating content about Ghana (the story of a video with her own dad which got a lot of attention), patenting, her love of the DRAMA in Selling Sunset, and hatred of dishonest friends. This Podcast does contain adult humor, so if that’s not your thing

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