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Fufu Pounding Machine For Sale

January 15, 2022
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Property Type: Commercial

Fufu pounding machine :




Pros and Cons

How to Use

Safety Measures



Fufu (or fufuo, foofoo, foufou) is a Twi term that means “mash or mix” for a soft and doughy delicious staple food in Ghana of all ethnic groups.

A fufu machine is a kitchen appliance used to pound or blend cooked starchy vegetables, particularly cassava, plantains, or yams, into the West and Central African staple food fufu.

Over the years, there have been other inventions of fufu machines which are mostly designed to be grinders. However, a lot of fufu lovers have complained that it doesn’t taste like the ‘real pounded fufu’ for them.

History of  the Fufu Machine
The first fufu machine was developed in 2004 by Ghanaian electrical equipment dealer Fadegnom Charles, who produced small numbers of electric fufu machines for local consumption.
Since then the fufu machine has evolved to become a genuine "real pounded fufu" machine that various homes and chop bars can use.

Machine Parts Specifications


A. One motor is included: it is a motorized cassava fufu pounding machine that has been developed and tested. The machine is powered by a 5hp electric motor;

B. Product Dimensions: The dimension of the machine is 1010mm × 600mm × 930mm (length × breadth × height).

C. Output capacity of 120kg/hr was obtained.

D. Colour: Fufu machine is made from Silver with a Black coating on the sides.
E. Volume: 6 liters
F. Two speeds option for different ingredients.
G. Blades: 4 stainless steel Stools.
Motor: Aluminum Motor

Key Features

Model: Fufu Pounding Machine
Color: Silver/Black
Material: Stainless steel
Item Weight: Capacity: 6 liters
Power: 350W

Item model number: 8gyt55467yhh

Can be used for a multifunctional blender for blending palm nuts and other vegetables

Ease of Use: Pounding or Blending

The machine is affordable and easy to operate and manage. It is therefore recommended for the restaurants, chop bars, and households to prepare good and hygienic fufu thereby solving the problem of energy-sapping and time-wasting in manual fufu pounding.

Suitable for meat, Yam, Cassava, fruit, peanut, walnut, bean, and so on.
Stainless Steel compact body design, nice looking, easy to wash, and operate.
Speed: High / Low 2 Level
Motor revolution: 8000 rounds per minute
Very durable and efficient as well

Pros and Cons

A fufu machine is a kitchen appliance used to pound cooked starchy vegetables, particularly cassava, plantains, or yams, into the West and Central African staple food fufu

  • The machine is affordable and easy to operate and manage.
  • Replaces the need to use manual human labor ( need to have is a mortar and pestle) and saves cost
  • The machine works more efficiently than humans in the same capacity
  • Solves the problem of energy-sapping and time-wasting in manual fufu pounding
  • Though it is a machine, food may be wasted during the pounding process
  • According to some customers, the fufu pounded in a machine does not possess the quality taste as compared to the ones pounded in the wooden mortar with a wooden pestle.
  • The fufu machine needs to be cleaned thoroughly after use and disinfected.
Difference from previous versions

In comparison to the previous generation models, this new machine provides the advantage of pounding the fufu better than previous versions ( of which you had to take the cassava to the flour mill to be grounded into powder first).
With this new model,  the boiled plantain, yam, or cassava can be put directly into the bowl of the machine, pounded more efficiently than the previous model.


How to use the Electric Fufu Machine

1. Firstly, thoroughly clean the parts before the first use of the product.

2. Secondly, get your cooked yam, cassava, plantain, and cocoyam ready, and install the stainless steel.

3. Thirdly, Insert the blades inside the bowl

4.  Fourthly, add the fufu ingredients to the bowl. Make sure you blend each ingredient separately. Thus, only plantain or cassava in a single blend.

5. Moreover, the cassava or plantain should not exceed half the capacity of the blender

6. After that, cover it with the transparent lid cover.

7. Most importantly, place the motor seat on the transparent cover and make sure it is locked.
Now, connect to a wall socket and you’re good to go.

In conclusion, use the slow and fast buttons at the handle to control its operation. Stick with the fast gear for easy operation. Now, you have learned how to use the fufu blender, go ahead and start preparing the fufu right away.


  • Safety Measures
  • Please cut the power after use and remember not to touch the lid with water.
  • Clean the appearance of the cup body and wipe it clean cloth.
  • Use boiling water to disinfect completely every time.


Contact Information
Address: Dworwulu, Greater Accra,

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