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Original Khaki Trousers for Sale

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Original Khaki Trousers for Sale in Ghana

What are Khaki Pants? Khaki is a color - a light shade of brown
Their versatility and casual style make them a great choice for many occasions.

Our Original Khaki Trouser pleated-front men's dress slacks are for sale.

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Khaki's in Ghana
Kinds Of Khaki in Ghana
Make Of Khaki
Types of Khakis for Men and Women on sale
Colour Codes  


About Khaki's in Ghana

There are many types of pants and styles to add to your wardrobe, most of them are “wrinkle-free” fabrics.
Most pants can accentuate height and bring attention to dress shoes.
Khakis can be worn to work, on semi-formal occasions like dinners, and even around town casually. They're versatile and stylish and go well with button-down shirts or even plain tees.
While a lot of people bunch Chinos and Khakis together, Khakis aren't necessarily Chinos.
Chinos are made with a lighter weight cotton fabric, when they are khaki in color, they are khaki chinos

Kinds Of Khaki in Ghana

khaki are beige, tan, or brown in color. khaki jeans are a different fabric

You'll find casual khaki pants like the Travel Jean or the stretch chinos that can be used in just about any setting.

Combine comfort and class to create your go-to pants for workdays and weekends alike. These pants are expertly designed and provide the high quality you seek.

They are low-maintenance, fashionable, and very versatile. We also have khakis for the golf course, like the 5 pocket highlands or the tech performance khakis.

Available in an assortment of colors and two fabrics are the Khaki Pants on sale. Solid colors are 100% polyester: Taupe, Bronze, Dark Loden, Charcoal, Chocolate, Toast, Tan, Loden, Blue.

Heather colors are 80% Polyester/20% Rayon: Heather Olive, Heather Taupe, Heather Blue, Heather Brown, Heather Grey, Heather Charcoal, Heather Toast, Heather Tan

Make Of Khaki

These pants come in a variety of fits as well. We have Slim Fit, Straight Fit, Classic (regular), and Athletic fit khakis to choose from.

Made from different blends of cotton, tech materials, and even linen from the finest mills in the world

Designed to fit right off the rack! The non-elastic waistband fits your waist perfectly, while the pleated front adds some extra room for comfort.

Tailored with a classic cut that delivers a straight yet subtly relaxed fit, and ends off with a cuffed hem to complete the pleated front look.
2 front pockets, 2 back button-through pockets, belt loops, zip fly, and double front closure.
Machine-washable; non-iron

Types of Khakis for Men and Women on sale!
1. Chinos: makes a pretty damn definitive pair of khakis. They've got an impeccable fit, vintage-quality fabric, and come in a whole bunch of colors—
2. Classic Khakis
3. Cargo and Carpenter Pants
4. Khaki Jeans
5. Joggers
Khaki Men’s Pants 
1. Cuffed and Uncuffed
2. Pleated and Flat Front
3. Fit Styles
4. Athletic Pants
5. Canvas Khakis

6. Chinos
7. Classic khakis
8. Cargo and Carpenter pants
9. Khaki Jeans
10. Joggers
11. Khaki Men’s Pants
12. Cargo and Carpenter

Khaki Women’s Pants 
1. Uncuffed
2. Flat Front
3. Fit
4. Leggings and Jeggings
5. Cigarette Pants
6. Palazzo Pants

Original Khaki Trousers Product Details:
Slim Fit
Machine wash cold
Low Rise
98% cotton, 2% lycra
Product Code: 46047002

Colour Codes  Of  Khaki  Pants
1. Dark Khaki:  #998877
2. Vintage Khaki: #9a9186
3. True Khaki: #b8ae98
4. British Khaki: #bcaf97
5. Khaki #2 :#c3b091
6. Indian Khaki: #d3b09c
7. Desert Khaki : #d6cdb7
8. Khaki : #f0e68c
9. Bright Khaki : #f1e78c
10. Bright Khaki  : #fbe4af
Purchase your pants from us today, the common types of fit for men’s khakis are slim fit, classic, and wide leg.
Contact Information
Address: Airport Residential Area, Greater Accra,
Price: US $100
Phone: 0200324958

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