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Crocodile Matchets ( Cutlass )

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Crocodile Matchets ( Cutlass ) cutlasses have a non-Slip Handle and Belt Sheath for Gardening, Land-Management, Bushcraft, Hunting, and Outdoor

Crocodile machetes are highly preferred for cutting through thick vegetation in Ghana. Due to their significant length and curved shape, these machetes are quite effective when it comes to slicing through even the thickest vegetation in Ghana.

Features Of Crocodile Matchets ( Cutlass )

  • Snake Eye Tactical Land Management Gardening Fishing Outdoor Machete
  • 15 Inches Overall Length of Machetes
  • 15 Inches 440 Stainless Steel Saw Back Tanto Blade
  • 8 Inches Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle Lanyard Hole
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Sheath

The Crocodile (Cutlass) Matchets blade is thinner than many traditional kukri knives allowing it to breeze through vines and branches. The curved shape allows an awesome transfer of power from your swing into whatever you are cutting.

They are specifically designed to be lightweight, highly portable, easy to use, and capable of cutting green vegetation. Bush machetes have a popular straight blade that ensures that the machete is well balanced and can be easily sheathed.

Their blades are usually elongated with a length ranging from 12 to 24 inches. The blade is also thick making them ideal for clearing brush.

They were traditionally used for chopping through moderately wooded, thick vegetation



Types of Crocodile Matchets

  • Machete for Clearing Brush Grass Sickle - 14-inch, Steel Sickle Machete
  • Weeding Sickle  Machete - Knife Machete for Clearing Brush Axe Sickle Grass Short Machete
  • Weeding Sickle Cold Steel Machete - Durable and Top Quality Machete
  •  Sickle - Clearing brush sickle knife, easy to use
  • Brush Axe Sickle - Manual weeder sickle, handheld size
  • Heavy Duty Clearing Sickle Machete - perfect for harvest, farming, gardening, weeding sickleSolid Aim Mid Size - Weight Garden Tropical Grass Sickle.Exceptionally Heavy Duty, Professional Billhook Brush Axe Imported Japan Steel With its Fine Serrated
    Curve Sharpened Blade(Overall Length 18inch x Blade 7inch Length x 3inch Width).
    Sickle Used by Commercial and Home Gardeners


Crocodile Matchets (Gh) Ltd.
Plot 23/4 Heavy Industrial
Area Sanyo Road, Ghana

P. O. Box CO 558, Tema
Ghana, West Africa

(233-0303) 302742 / 304701

(233-0303) 306248


Contact Information
Address: Gomoa East, Central Region,
Price: GH ₵‎ 500

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