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Frequently Asked Questions About  PKF

Which Region is PKF  located in Ghana?

The institution is located in the Ghana of Ghana.

Does PKF have a contact number or address I could access?

The official contact number is 030 222 1216%C2%A0 %C2%A0.You can contact them any time of the week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Is PKF business/educational opeartions just valid for the Ghana metropolitan area?

This institution has a long tradition and vast experience in business operations within Ghana and other areas of the Ghanian society.

About PKF

There are many great cities in the world, but nothing compares to Accra, Ghana.

You can information about other institution located  near you in the Ghana of Ghana.

PKF people are passionate about quality and about giving their best at all times. Our people are leaders in their fields, highly regarded by their peers, but remain hands on; we believe in having real conversations. And we listen when our clients speak. The Ghanaian practice of PKF, established in 1949, has 5 Partners and 104 staff, situated in three offices – Accra, Tema and Kumasi.  The practice has built up a wide range of public and private sector clients and has carried out audits in most sectors of the community.  By deliberate policy, the practice retains high partner involvement in the provision of professional services so that all clients can expect a Partner-led service. PKF is bound by the high ethical standards of the accounting profession.  These conventions require complete independence, objectivity, full disclosure of material factors affecting findings and conclusions, and protection of the confidentiality of financial data provided.  These standards are brought to bear in the undertaking of each specific assignment.  In addition, every practice within the PKF network is subject to independent international review and quality control. The firm has rich experience in audit of financial institutions, commercial concerns, manufacturing, educational institutions and in the industry.  It has also extensive expertise in financial assessment and auditing of World Bank sponsored projects and other Non Governmental Organizations. Contact Us Head Office Telephone Numbers: +233-(0)30 2221266 +233-(0)30 2246637 +233-(0)30 2221216 Mobile: +233-24 3690457 Mobile: +233-24 3690458 Email: Other Offices Tema Office Postal Address: P. O. Box CO 1627, Tema, GR, Ghana Telephone Numbers: +233-(0)30 3206015, +233-24-3690012 . Kumasi Office Postal Address: P. O. Box 976, Kumasi, ASH/R, Ghana Telephone Numbers: +233-(0)32 2022857

Contact Information: 

Official Phone Number : 030 222 1216%C2%A0 %C2%A0

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