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How To Download/Save The Transcript Of A YouTube Video

Download and Save The Transcript Of A YouTube Video

A YouTube transcription is accessible to people with limited or no hearing. People who want to watch YouTube videos in an environment that is not conducive to playing audio can easily consume the content using transcripts and captioning.

The process of adding subtitles to a video is done by human transcriptionists, speech recognition software, or a combination of the two. 

You may want a transcript of your YouTube video if:

  • You are a YouTuber or want to see your video subtitles text.
  • As a YouTube producer, you want to improve the quality of your content.
  • As a YouTuber, you want to increase production efficiency to produce more, and better content
  • You may want to make changes to your video content or to make sure your content sentences are well structured.
How do I copy the youtube transcript without a timestamp?

When you open your Youtube video page, in the bottom right corner click on the three dots. Navigate your mouse browser to click on the three dots again to remove the timestamps by disabling them

Why does my YouTube video not have a transcript?

Most transcripts are only available for videos with closed captioning. YouTube has Google’s speech recognition software for automatically generated transcription for most of the videos as soon as they are uploaded.

How to see the transcript on a YouTube mobile Phone?

A. Opening & Viewing a YouTube Video Transcript
B. Navigate to YouTube and open the video that you want to be transcribed.
C. Locate and click the three horizontal dots below the video. They should be next to the Share and D. Save buttons.
E. Clicking the dots pulls up a short menu. Click Open transcript.

Simple Way: How to Get a Transcript of YouTube Video

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How To Download Or Save A Transcript Of A YouTube Video

  1. Open your Youtube Video in a Chrome browser..

    On your YouTube video, you will find about 3 dots below the menu on the right bottom corner just below the video. Tap on it and see an option named “open” transcript.
    Click on the open transcript option.

  2. Navigate Your way to Download and save

    A dropdown menu will then pop down the mouse chick. Navigate your mouse browser to click on the three dots again to remove the timestamps by disabling them. You can enable it if you want it exported with the transcriptions.

  3. Copy the transcript

    To Copy – On the first word of the transcript, click on the word and scroll down the page highlighting all the words on the page.
    When you get to the bottom you click command C or control C or tap the right mouse click and click copy.

  4. Paste the transcript

    To Paste – Open a note text document and click command V or control V to paste. Another way to paste is by simply placing the mouse cursor in your notepad, right-clicking your mouse button, and selecting past from the drop-down to your notepad.

  5. Conclusion

    Save the notepad by giving it a name you can remember by clicking the first word which says “File” on the top-right menu in the notepad. A drop down will appear on clicking on the word, scroll down to the word save. Put a new name in the bar and save the notepad text to your desired location on the desktop or in a folder.

Complicated way: Download and Save The Transcript Of A YouTube Video

Challenging solution: The youtube API allows downloading and uploading of caption files via HTTP.

You may write a youtube API application to provide a browser user interface for uploading or downloading for ANY user or particular users. This is can be done by selected and trained professional human transcribers who are ready to take your videos to the next level.

By Third-Party Software

Type studio
Type studio is online editor software that can be used for a successful YouTube transcription, you also need to decide on the kind of transcription format you want to use.

By Speech recognition software- Google Docs

It is also possible for you to get a transcript of a video without any available transcript by speech recognition software in Google Docs.

 Google Docs has a built-in voice typing feature that listens to video or audio and automatically types what it hears.

  • To carry out this process, follow the steps listed below;
  • Ensure that whatever device you are using is directly listening to the audio.
  • Firstly, open Google Docs.
  • Tap on start a new document.
  • Below the tools, tap on voice typing.
  • Go to your YouTube videos.
  • Choose any video of your choice, and then open it.
  • Allow the video to play with the sound.
  • Tap on the Google Docs microphone.
  • If you successfully carry out these steps, Google Docs will type whatever it hears automatically. Please remember that if the audio recordings have some noise from the background, it can affect the accuracy of the typing.

Google Docs tool is not perfect for recording voice-over text. In particular, this speech-to-text service also suffers from occasional glitches. Sometimes the tool will stop transcribing, and you have to click the Voice Typing tool to restart.

Note: The Accuracy can plummet If the audio has background noise or the people in the video are stuttering.

Although the automatic transcription of speech-to-text services has been of great help, the fact remains that it cannot fit up to the human level of accuracy.

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