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Charm Bracelets in Ghana

Charm Bracelets in Ghana
Charm Bracelet’s designs and type of accessories continues to evolve because of the constant demand.

One of the most in-demand types and something that is often worn is the bracelet. A Bracelet is an accessory that is worn around the wrist (or sometimes the ankle ? anklet). It may be made from different materials like leather, metal, or cloth and, of course, gold, silver, and pearls.

Different types of bracelets are seen circulating around but one of the most traditional types? though less worn today – of the bracelet is called the charm bracelet.

It is worn around the wrist and from the chain dangles trinkets, pendants, or charms to signify something memorable.

These days charm bracelets have evolved to just bracelets with dangling trinkets that may not mean something to a person other than the aesthetic and intrinsic value of the bracelet.

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