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Black and White Singles

  • Black and White Singles
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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 1997 there were 311,000 interracial (Black-White) married couples, more than six times as many as in 1960. Of those, 201,000 were comprised of a Black husband and White wife, while there were 110,000 couples in which the husband was White and the wife Black. Some estimate that today 10 percent of married Black men have mates of another race. Some social observers say that the increase in cross-cultural dating relationships is tied directly to the breakdown of school and residential segregation and the 1967 overthrow of the last laws. That year the U.S. Supreme Court unconstitutional laws barring racial intermarriage in states. A mixed couple in Virginia had challenged the state’s 1924 antimiscegenation statute in response to their being forced by local law officials to live apart, to jail, or leave the state.

Black and White Singles Dating Site

What is an Interracial Match Dating? It’s the world’s largest interracial online introductions network. It is not a dating site. It is a community and a whole new way to meet and introduce people. We’re all building the network because we believe we can create a lot more love in this world than there is today. more than match-making sites traditional dating sites we felt alone. We were browsing pictures and profiles of strangers, sending someone a message, and hoping they turned out to be nice, or at least normal. We built an Interracial match so we can all be part of something bigger—something deeper and more connected to reality than online dating sites. Not just for singles Thousands of people on the interracial matches are just here to help—they’re married or in a committed relationship. to be part of creating love in the world. - the best interracial dating site!


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