Apple released a redesigned MacBook Pro today at its headquarters, consisting of a new 14-inch and a new 16-inch model.

The new M1 Pro chip comes with a breathtaking 64 GB ram and can be compared with the highest gaming PC in the market.

What makes it more fascinating is the were 2 chips introduced.

The M1 pro was about 2-3 times faster with more processing speed than Apple’s M1 chip, then there was the M1 MAX chip which is 4 times to 8 times faster than the apple M1 chip.

In terms of display, the two Pro models will also have an (Apple Promotion display ) 120Hz refresh rate rocking mini-LED displays. With much finer backlight zones and allegedly capable of hitting 1000 nits of brightness.

The New MacBook pro comes with redesigned a display notch. Allegedly in place to accommodate a new, nearly borderless display design, with squared-off corners, reminiscent of the current iPad and iPhone aesthetic.

The notch reportedly, houses a 1080p camera, a TrueTone sensor, and a microphone. Face ID.

Regarding the display goes deeper still quoting some resolution figures, found inside macOS beta files – 3456×2234 and 3024×1964. If you subtract 74 pixels from both height components, you get a 16:10 aspect.

The theory here being that Apple will pull an iOS-style move and sort of designate those 74-pixels (allegedly the exact height of the notch) as a “special area”, with the ability to treat the rest of the display as a standard 16:10 panel, effectively “hiding” the notch.

There are even reports of some strategically crafted laptop wallpapers floating around.

Pricing: the new 14 inches MacBook Pro with M1 Pro Chip starts at $1999 us dollars and the new 16 inches starts at $2499 USD

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