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17 Nov

Apple iPhone 14 satellite Connectivity

Phone 14 satellite Connectivity

Starting 15 November 2022 iPhone 14 owners in the US and Canada can use the Emergency SOS via satellite feature.

Apple iPhone 14 offers limited satellite connectivity and may sport a light-folded projector. To accomplish this the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models come with high-tech components deeply integrated with the software.

This feature is dependent on the new wireless chipset in the iPhone 14 family, which beams signals into space where they are received by Globalstar satellites.

Its features let you get in touch with emergency services even in areas with no cell or Wi-Fi connectivity. This may be somewhere out in the wilderness or it might be in the heart of a city after a natural disaster brought down the power grid and communications.

How to Use the Emergency Services

To use Emergency SOS, you first have to try to contact 911 operators the old-fashioned way. If you don’t have service, the iPhone will ask if you want to connect to a satellite which in this case already online are the Globalstar satellites

The ground stations use new high-power antennas designed and manufactured specifically for Apple by Cobham Satcom in Concord, California.

Once the message is received, the Globalstar outstation responder pushes the notification to the nearest emergency services that can dispatch help, or a relay center with Apple-trained emergency specialists if local emergency services cannot receive it.


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